Have you got an interest in nature and wildlife or do you like taking a slightly slower pace and really immersing in the natural environment around you whilst being outdoors? At Hidden Fort William we’re also passionate about Scotland’s rich and varied landscape and proud of the flora and fauna that each habitat boasts. Whether you’re a bit of a tree hugger and want to explore amazing places for wildlife, have a keen interest in natural history, want to learn about cultural heritage or biodiversity of the area or just want to learn a little more about identification of common and nationally rare species, then our local wildlife guide is enthusiastic to help enable your discovery.


So, whatever your interests are, we’d love to help you discover and create an inspiring, memorable day out with us in the wild. Below are some ideas of nature days with us to get you thinking and there are plenty more places locally to visit, dependant on your needs and time commitments. Please contact us to start your tailored journey – we look forward to hearing from you!